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UAE Only Coverage – Limited Provider Network

The AMAN Healthcare Sanad Plan offers a UAE only cover within a limited healthcare provider network upto a coverage limit of AED 50,000/- per person per policy year. The Sanad Plan is particularly designed to provide comprehensive medical benefits using a carefully selected provider network to keep the premium at a minimum and is ideal for employers with large work force. This plan can be combined with any of the other plans to provide comprehensive and balanced health insurance protection to all your employees.

Within the UAE, plan members will be provided with AMAN Healthcare cards that will enable the member’s cashless/direct settlement benefit within our designated list of healthcare providers. Treatment outside the network within the UAE and in home country (within Middle East, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh only) is also allowed but subject to Pre-authorization.

Plan members will also have access to 24 hours/365 days telephone Helpline manned by professional medical staff (including help in obtaining Pre-authorization) from Neuron.

Contact with our technical team by email: info@aman.ae

Benefit Details

Geographical Scope » 100,000
» 75,000
» 50,000
Accidental and Emergency Treatments outside the territory of cover Covered as per below terms & conditions
» Subject to reasonable and customary UAE rates
» Claims documents to be submitted up to maximum of 60 days per policy year
» Excluding USA and Canadar
In-Patient Charges
» Prescribed Drugs & Dressings
» Surgeon’s , Anesthetist’s and Physician’s fees
Full Refund
Hospital Accommodation Room & Board Semi-Private
Intensive Care Unit Covered
In-Patient cash benefit (Subject to maximum of 7 days per person per year if treatment is taken at selected list of hospitals) Not Applicable
Parent Accommodation (Hospital accommodation in respect of a parent or legal guardian staying with an Insured Person who is under 18 years of age) Covered
Home Nursing Care (Immediately following hospital discharge if recommended and subject to Pre-authorization) Covered up to maximum 13 weeks
Pathology, X-rays, CT scans including MRI, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and Prescribed Physiotherapy Covered (Subject to pre-authorization for specialized investigations and Physiotherapy treatment)
Out-Patient Charges
» Prescribed Drugs & Dressings
» Surgeon’s , Anesthetist’s and Physician’s fees
» Out-Patient Surgical Procedure
» Medical Practitioner fees including consultations, specialist fees and General Practitioner fees (subject to deductible if any)
Full Refund
Alternative Medicine Therapy including Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Homeopathy (Subject to pre-authorization) Not Applicable
Emergency Local Ambulance Charges Up to maximum of AED 500 per trip
Organ Transplant (as recipient only) Covered up to annual benefit limit
Pre-existing and Chronic Conditions (applicable for groups of 20 employees and above) Covered up to annual benefit limit
Accidental Damage to Natural Teeth following an accident Full Refund
Repatriation of mortal remains or local burial charges
» Transportation of a body or ashes to the Country of Nationality or Country of Residence OR
» Burial or cremation costs at the place of death
Covered up to AED10,000 per person
Emergency Medical Evacuation – Optional benefit subject to additional premium Not Applicable
Additional Benefits (Optional)
Routine Dental Treatment (subject to coinsurance) » 2,000
» 3,000
» 4,000
» 5,000
Pregnancy & Childbirth (subject to minimum of 20 eligible females in between age band of 18-45) » 5,000
» 10,000
» 15,000
New Born Care (applicable only if Maternity benefit is opted) Full Refund
Optical Benefit » 1,000
» 1,500
» 2,000
» 2,500
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